About Us

Basilinna provides fresh, distinctive insights for the China and Middle East markets that are translated into effective strategies for our select clients. We support the impeccable implementation of those strategies to add real and measurable value to our clients.

Basilinna understands how to “get things done” in China and the MENA region.  With decades of experience, we at Basilinna design innovative, bespoke strategies to grow our clients’ businesses, solve problems, and build successful partnerships.

We offer expertise in market access and expansion, government relations, political risk analysis, investment support, and strategic positioning and philanthropy.  

Basilinna represents Fortune 500 companies across all business sectors, and we have a track record of helping our clients weather challenging situations around the world.

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Our Unique Process

We create our strategies based on the unique experience that our team has to offer, to help us build you a roadmap to a successful, long lasting business relationship with important influencers in the region.


Basilinna creates bespoke strategies based on our unique experience to identify those key players inside and outside of government that could have an impact on your business, combined with a roadmap on how to build lasting relations with these important influencers.