Deborah Lehr, CEO and founding partner of Basilinna, to moderate free trade zones panel at Fortune Global Forum

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Deborah Lehr, CEO and Founding Partner, Basilinna LLC; Vice Chairman, Paulson Institute, will moderate the Free Trade Zones; Opportunities and Impacts panel at the Fortune Global Forum on December 7th in Guangzhou, China.  The Fortune Global Forum convenes high level executives to discuss openness and innovations in the global economy. As the world’s second-largest economy looks to increase its share in the global trading market, Deborah will be moderating a discussion on how these Free Trade Zones will improve cross-border trade and foster new innovation, the challenges and opportunities for CEOs looking to do business in these zones and what reforms are needed to increase the flow of investments. Deborah will also be speaking on a lunch panel hosted by HSBC called Greening the Globe: Unlocking Capital to Accelerate the Low Carbon Transition. This panel will discuss the lessons that global investors derive from China’s experience of being at the forefront of regional and global climate adaption through green investment, government-backed pilot schemes, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

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