From the Middle Kingdom to the Middle East: Six Reasons Why Chinese Travelers Are Exploring MENA: #3

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Medical Tourism is on the Rise Thousands of years ago, the Sumerians built spas and pools that served as wellness centers for foreign visitors; today, their ancestors have built the region into a modern medical tourism hub. Several Middle Eastern countries are establishing themselves as medical destinations, leveraging high quality of local care, short wait times for procedures, and relatively low costs for those who need to leave China to undergo procedures. Many areas can also offer a warm, dry climate, as well as a range of tourist attractions, for convalescing patients. Egypt is seeking to become a leading destination for medical tourists, with a focus on healing Hepatitis C, and is working to bring in 100,000 patients this year. The Health Ministry is also recruiting high-profile ambassadors for its initiatives, including the Argentine football superstar Lionel Messi, who recently traveled around Egypt to promote the country’s medical offerings to the international community.

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