Middle East Institute: Rethinking Egypt's Economy

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The Middle East Institute's latest report, "Rethinking Egypt's Economy", examines the systemic challenges Egypt has faced, which have been exacerbated by COVID-19, and opportunities the country can seize on in order to rebound towards recovery and maintain competitiveness in the MENA region.

Egypt is not alone in having been knocked into a pit by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will have to dig itself out on its own. However, if Egypt is going to do so, it needs to rethink its approach to development, starting with looking for the silver lining to the pandemic. Is it possible to address existing issues that have been brought home by the exceptional circumstances? In this report, contributors dissect the weaknesses that make Egypt particularly vulnerable to external threats and examine ways in which to address these vulnerabilities and shore up the economy and the business and developmental environment. Basilinna CEO Deborah Lehr also showcases the growth of Egypt-China trade, and how China's assistance could provide crucial support towards Egypt's development of sustainable development and green finance solutions.

Authors include Mirette F. Mabrouk, Samer Atallah, Sherif Kamel, Sarah El Battouty, Deborah Lehr, Yasser Elnaggar, and Abla Abdel-Latif.

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