The U.S.-China Green Fund inaugurates the U.S.-China Green Baoye Smart Building Research Institute in Shanghai

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Gracie Sun, Basilinna's President for China, at the Inauguration of the U.S.-China Green Baoye Smart Building Research Institute

The U.S.-China Green Baoye Smart Building Research Institute was inaugurated on January 26, 2018 by the U.S.-China Green Fund and Baoye Group. The Institute aims to work with the construction industry to help it navigate through rapidly changing technology, and progress with environmental consciousness in mind.  


The inauguration took place in the Shanghai Baoye Center, with participation from: the Shanghai Municipal Rural and Urban Construction and Transportation Committee, the Qingpu District Government, the Minhang District Government, the Shanghai Master Station for Construction and Building Materials Management, The Paulson Institute, AVIC Trust, China Merchant Property Development, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science Group, the Shenzen Institute of Building Research Co., Ltd., and Tongji University. 


Basilinna was honored to have been represented by our President for China, Gracie Sun, who spoke at the event. In her remarks, Sun spoke about her aspirations for the Institute: "we hope that through the establishment of the U.S.-China Green Baoye Smart Building Research Institute, we will be able to integrate multi-dimensional advantages and contribute to this country's clear water and green mountains, and to the realization of people's prosperous life." 


With the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the construction industry has had to evolve. The Institute aims to help the industry thrive in the rapidly changing technological environment by exploring energy conservation, user demand, intelligence, life-cycle operation, and maintenance management for construction equipment. This new Institute will provide construction solutions to users by integrating the Building Information Modeling (BIM) system, intelligent building systems, green building materials, energy management systems, with an IoT platform. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of China's greenhouse gas emissions actually come from buildings. 


Making use of its affiliation with the U.S.-China Green Fund -- supported by the Paulson Institute and the Central Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs -- and the Baoye group, an interior design services company located in Shaoxing, the Institute will provide valuable services  such as intelligent parking systems, electric power cloud platform services, smart home decoration, and smart heating. These services will be integrated into the planning and design of all future buildings that come out of the U.S.-China Green Baoye Smart Building Research Institute in order to pursue eco-friendly, and consumer-oriented goals. 

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