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What they say
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

China has an intersection of craftsmanship and computer science, (which is) rarely found in other places. Many companies see China as a big market, but for us, the main attraction is the quality of people. We have now about 2 million application developers in China (on Apple's App Store). They are inspiring entrepreneurs, whose products are sold not only here but abroad. China is already incredibly innovative in so many areas. There are apps and business models that could only have been created here. I went to a bike-sharing company the last time when I was in Beijing. That idea can be used in many countries around the world. But arguably, it can only be created here.

What they say
‍Deborah Lehr, CEO and founding partner of Basilinna, and vice-chairwoman of The Paulson Institute

In his letter, President Xi stated that China will not close the door but open it wider to international firms seeking access and growth in China's markets. The message should be encouraging to international firms about their future opportunities in China. He also highlighted the Belt and Road Initiative, an ambitious effort to promote global economic growth and international cooperation. It is important that countries work together to keep the doors of international trade and investment open and press ahead with mutually beneficial trade and cooperation. 

What they say
‍Jon Stanton, CEO of The Weir Group Plc

I think it is a very exciting opportunity for companies to expand and grow in China. My company is relatively small in China. But the new policies, including the Belt and Road Initiative, and the continuous transformation of the Chinese economy presents great opportunities for companies like us to participate in the growth, and the opportunities will be great in the future. China is hugely important to the global economy, in terms of domestic growth and also the way China wants to participate more internationally and share its growth with other countries around the world. Both domestically and around the world, I think the future is very exciting. It is great to be part of it. 

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