Team Members

Deborah M. Lehr
CEO & Founding Partner
Leigh Wedell
COO & Founding Partner
Gracie Sun
President, China & Founding Partner
Yousra Abdelhameed
Director, Middle East and North Africa
Lisa Castro
Chief of Staff
Iris Diao
Director, China
Yasmine Rahmaan
Executive Assistant
Peter Stebbins
Associate Director

Senior Advisors

Lorne Craner
Executive Director, The Atlantic Partnership
Ambassador Yasser Elnaggar
CEO, ENInvestment
Alan H. Fleischmann
President & CEO, Laurel Strategies Inc.
Catherine Lu
Vice Chairman, China's Youth Forum of Reform
Larry Schwartz
Consultant, Strategic Communications and International Management
Kate Seelye
Senior Vice President, Middle East Institute
Dafna Tapiero
Co-Founder, Laurel Strategies Inc.
Cheryl Q. Xu
Managing Director, Hope Center for National Health Studies- Beijing University


Spencer Hlava
Intern, Research Associate
Isabelle Slavin
Intern, Research Associate
Feifan Wang
Intern, Media